EMC - Mercedes-Benz S-500 Hybrid, test video

OnePlus - Icons, test video

6954 Kilometres to Home

Produced by Claes Olsson/

Kinoproduction Oy, 56 min.


The film is an insight account of what refugees go through during their adjustment and resettling from a refugee camp in Rwanda to their first home in Northern Finland. The film told entirely from the family’s perspective asks: "Where is home?". ​​

Juan Reina

Diving into the Unknown

Produced by Juho Harjula/

Monami Agency, 85 min.


The worst nightmare becomes real during an accident when two divers drown deep inside a cave in Norway. When the official retrieval operation is called off, the friends of the victims set out on a secret mission to retrieve the bodies themselves. This is a profound story of the groups’ unconditional friendship that truly runs deep.

F-Secure - Real identity theft victims, story1/3

Vigin Mobile - Inspired by You





Behind the Roadblock 

Produced by Nick Hughes &

Eric Kabera/

Vivid Features, 55 min.


April 1994, on a quiet road in Kigali there was a roadblock where a group of neighbors were filmed. This was the early days of the Rwandan Genocide. The documentary re-visits the scene following the cameraman Nick Hughes, victims, survivors, killers and witnesses exploring what really happened on that day.

Albino United

Produced by Nick Broomfield/

Lafayette Films, 64 min.

Co- directed with Marc Hoeferlin & Barney Broomfield


Albinos are being killed in Tanzania for witchcraft practices but there is a group of rag-tag young albinos who have decided to fight against this superstition. This is a story of true bravery told through an albino football team. Their ambition is to prove to the country that they are able as much as anyone else.

Fazer - Kismet

Veikkaus - Rocktarinat, episode 1/3


Serla - Terveisiä Mäntästä, campaign clip 1/5

OnePlus - iPhone Sandstone Cover

Operation Mannerheim

Produced by Erkko Lyytinen/ YLE, 6 x 30 min.


In the past there have been several unsuccessful attempts  to do a film about the Marshall of Finland, Mannerheim. A Finnish/ Estonian production team tries to make history by doing the film in Kenya with 5000 USD and in five days. This comic six- episode series follows the teams misfortunes and absurd incidents they face while filming with the local crew. Is the team able to make history?


URETEK - Brand film

F-Secure - Free Wi-Fi, Freedome

Veikkaus - Melkein Leijona, episode 1/11